Vodka Root Beer with Coconut Ice Cream

We enjoy desserts but try to limit our intake. What does that mean? When we make dessert, we make it right.

We don’t drink soda very often; we stopped eating ice cream and made a cocktail as a treat. Solution? Solution?

Introducing Vodka Root Beer Floats!

We knew that testing was necessary because we didn’t wish to produce anything disgusting.

We tested. After hours of labor, we discovered a flavor combination that was pleasing to any palate.

The following is the result of our conclusive analysis:

Kahlua- Sweet, but I was afraid it would overwhelm the ice cream flavor.

Spiced Rum – This is a great drink to have as a stand-alone, but it would take away from the sweetness of ice cream.

White Rum – Bad Idea It’s a bad idea.

Vodka – BINGO! The subtle taste of the liquor danced on my tongue with the root beers.

The next step was to find our ice cream.

We made cinnamon toast ice cream earlier this week. Have you made it yet, or are you planning to? It’s well worth the effort. Find a friend and spend an afternoon with the ingredients.

They were delicious. They were good.

Dana loves anything sweet. She ate it. She didn’t let go of the spoon until she had scraped the bottom off the glass.

I was determined to drink the whole thing through my straw. I do the same thing with strawberry shakes. The only thing I get is a sore throat and two hours of eating. I believe it’s a matter of pride. Regardless, I survived. You. You’re welcome.

We recommend you try our sweet and delicious cocktail root beer floats. We’re fans. Big fans.


  • Hansens Root Beer or other natural soda (or two cans)
  • 4 Tbsp of quality vodka (Kahlua or dark rum worked well, too // 2 oz is equal to 4 Tbsp).
  • Four scoops of cinnamon toast Ice Cream


  • Divide a soda can between two large glasses and add vodka to each.
  • Pour two scoops (we used our coconut cinnamon toast ice cream) of dairy-free vanilla ice cream into each glass. Top off with the remaining root beer can.
  • Enjoy Slurping, Scooping, and Savouring.

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