What Foods and Drinks Can Stain Teeth?

You may need to need to realize that your morning mocha, or favorite spaghetti, does more for you than providing calories, nutrition, and fuel. Foods and drinks that contain a high amount of acid and dark pigment can cause stains to your teeth over time.

What are the most common foods and drinks that stain teeth? This article will examine some of the worst culprits that can discolor your teeth and make them lose their shine.

What foods and beverages can stain teeth?

Red Wine

According to Joseph Salim, DMD, acidic food and drinks like red wine can roughen your enamel and cause it to open pores.

Salim says that as the enamel becomes rougher and the overall surface area of the teeth increases, the colors from the foods and drinks we consume can become etched onto the surface.

He says that red wine can cause this to happen. This beverage’s acidity can “etch” enamel, allowing dark-red wine particles to adhere.


You may be able to blame your stained teeth on the morning tea.

Coffee contains polyphenols, which can cause colorants to stick to teeth.


Tea, like coffee, contains tannins which can stain teeth. There’s an easy way to reduce the staining effects of tea.

One sugary cola. This is because acidic beverages like soda can cause enamel erosion.

When enamel erodes, the tooth is more susceptible to staining. Salim explains that the dentin, which is darker and yellower in color than the enamel of the teeth, will be exposed.

Sports drinks and energy drinks

According to a study from 2012 (Trusted Source), sports and energy drinks can cause enamel to break down, causing stains.

The study found that both sports and energy drinks have higher acidity levels, which can lead to enamel erosion.

Tomato-based sauces

Be careful when eating tomato sauces, such as those on spaghetti or pizza.

Acidity is another reason why tomato sauces are so brightly colored. After eating tomato-based sauces, rinse your mouth with water to prevent teeth staining.

Soy sauce with balsamic vinegar

Teeth can also be stained by dark-pigmented sauces such as soy sauce or balsamic vinaigrette.

According to Rene Y. Dell’Acqua DDS, the acidity of foods such as vinegar can cause enamel to dissolve, allowing stains to form.

She says, “basically anything you put in your mouth, which can stain a napkin, has the potential to cause stains on teeth.”

Sweets and candies

Salim warns that dark chocolate and other sweets, in particular, can stain your teeth.

Many complex and gummy candies contain colored dyes that can settle onto your enamel.

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